Banquit Hall Management System(BM-Banquit)

Banquit Hall Management System(BM-Banquit) Web Base

Banquet Management System (BM- Banquet) is a smarter solution for your problems arisen in organizing an event.

Our banquet management system enables a user to manage their multiple halls in simpler, easier and efficient way.

Banquet Booking System is a Window based project which act as a bridge between potential Banquet users and Banquet owners

 A comprehensive Banquet Management System is included as part of the BM- ERP. Within this system it is possible to block a venue for wait listed bookings as well as for maintenance purposes. Venues can be reserved in advance with confirmed or tentative status. When reservations are tentatively made a cut-off date will need to be defined

 Analysis and extensive reporting features are provided which include audit reports on bill re-settlement, amendment, bill re-prints, venue query chart, function of the day, booking details, banquet sales analysis, banquet sales forecast, popularity analysis and cover analysis.

Benefits of BM-Banquet software

  • Ease in Making Reservations
  • Maintain the records of all the customers and long term clients.
  • Maintain the records of all the caterers, cleaning, decoration and maintenance staff.
  • Maintaining and printing bills, keeping record of advance and balance payments.
  • Maintaining the availability of dates of halls.
  • Ease in Multiple Venue Management
  • Event Calendar Management
  • Vendor Order/ Payment Management
  • Sales Management with a Detailed List for Each Item
  • Live Reports for Owners for Each Event

Major Modules of the Software

  • Hall Definition
  • Define Amenities
  • Define Menu.
  • Hall Booking.
  • Search Booking
  • Cancel Booking
  • Search Cancel Booking
  • Previous Record
  • This is just and overview of modules if you want more information feel free to contact us or Mail us or