Business (BM)

Enterprise resource planning

In the present global business environment, Industries face competitive pressures, as in one hand they will required to fulfill customer demand in time or delivered products in time with competitive rates, and on the other hand they will required to maintain their production cost. Business (BM) is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MRP ( Manufacturing Resource Palnning) base Software and helps you accomplish all these goals and more. Business (BM) improves your operations; such as purchse, production, Sub-Contract, Sales. It is a cost-effective platform for managing divisions or individual factories.

Business (BM) meets your requirement for a comprehensive, integrated, and flexible solution to manage all operations from Inquiry, Quatation ,sales Management and procurement to production, Costing, and post-sale service.

The advantages for you are enormous. For Example you can find Quick and accuret demand of materials in purchase, production, sub-contract, base on the sales order or planning made by management

Business (BM) is a ROBUST application that is ideal for Small Scale, Medium Scale and Large companies, it is continuously upgraded by a dedicated team which ensures all that the client is always up to date.

Benefits of this software

  • Total Visibility.
  • Improved Efficiency.
  • Better Customer Service.
  •  Data Security & Quality.
  •   Improved Collaboration & Workflows.
  • Standardized Business Processes.
  • Improved Reporting & Planning.

Major Modules of the Software

  • Pre-Sales (Inquiry, Quotation) This module Covers Inquiry, Quotation, Followups, Dropdown Inquiry/Quotation.
  • Sales Order Managment This module covers all the activities after the sales order received and before the Dispatch.
  • Dispatch Management This module covers all the activities after the product is redy to deliverd as per client requirements. 4. Purchase Management This module covers all the activities from Indent generation to material received
  • Quality Control Quality control or Quality check of the purchase inward, production inward, sub-contract inward.
  • Sub-Contract Management Covers Sub-Contract Order, Material Issue, and inward finished product
  • Production Managmenet Production Order, Material Issue, Inward finished product 8. After Sales Services Reparing, Replacement
  • Excise Reports
  • Accounting Account Recevable, Account Payable, Trading Account, Profit and Losss Account, Balance Sheet
  • Human Resource Management Employee Detail, Department Information, Leave and Holiday, Attedence Management, Payslip Generation