Jobwork Management System (BM-JMS)

Jobwork Management System (BM-JMS)

Job work is a term used in manufacturing sector when manufacturers assign raw materials and processes to other workers outside the company to get the job done.

BM-Jobwork management is excellent software for managing various government projects and its key features includes project information, tender details, number of workers and material quantity and its expenses. Thus starting to end it organizes and keeps record of everything.

BM-Jobwork Management module helps to keep track of all services or materials, orders, invoice and goods receipt.

We are developing such kind of online software for your esteem organization which will provide support to Party and your management. And can made easy communication between different department of your organization i.e. Office, Employee, Site, Store etc…

Benefits of this software

  • Transparency in the business from Client (Student) to Top level management.
  • Student can check their status of fees, course detail, Exam Results, PDC Detail online with student portal
  • Update of site content online
  • Reduce communication for status i.e fees, Book request etc…
  • Easy calculation of incentive
  • Easy available of MIS Reports (Fees Collection, Student Detail, Book Status Etc…)
  • Can become your USP during sales
  • Move toward the paperless office
  • And there is many more benefits which can help the institute and it's Management.

Major Modules of the Software

  • Web site content management.
  • Student Portal
  • Main Admin Module.
  • HR Module.
  • Centers Modules
  • Exam Department Module
  • This is just and overview of modules if you want more information feel free to contact us or Mail us or